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Some more important pictures for Aunapuu family -- up on the page 307 there are flowers in the vase, arranged by my Great Grand-mother Marie Aunapuu. As my aunt Edith told me "Grossmamma" was responsible for the always-fresh flowers of the palace.On page 308 my father Ervin Aunapuu is posing on the promenade of Haapsalu Resort with his friend (June, 1936).

According to the coats of arms the set was painted for the wedding of baroness von Knorring and baron von Tiesenhausen. Their son Woldenar married baroness Berta von Ungern-Sternberg in 1879 and pobably the set was given to them on their wedding. During the rough times, leaving their Toompea palace, they trusted the remains of the important tea set into the hands of my Great Grandmother. We have handed it down with respect for generations since.

With this book the historical furniture restorer Mati Raal fulfilled his dream. Toomas Zupping helped him to carry the responsibility, searching the factsabout the history of the manors. And much more.



The TV culture program OP invited architect Raul Vaiksoo to help them to praise the book. 

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