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k O e m

But, alas, after designing a pile of books, newspapers, journals, posters, brochures and flyers, nothing REALLY revolutionary was born. The BOOK is still made of paper with cardboard covers. (B O R I N G, as Homer Simpson would say)

Educated as a "to-make-the-world-a-better-place" industrial designer, my mission was to make a FATAL TURN towards a bright future anywhere I put my finger on. Ambitions were high, but the Soviet industry did not want to be designed...Then I was drifted into 'industry' of printing, to design the products of periodical press and books.

But, on a second thought – I still WAS involved in a revolution in the 1990s, the digital revolution!I was eagerly participating in an inventing race – how to do layout in the computer and how turn the pre-press procedures digital, compatible with the printing house and transportable by wire. SUCCESS, it still works!

On the contrary, it turned out that my best series is VERY MUCH CLASSIC – the memoirs of beloved Estonian author Oskar Luts (see next page)

MY GOLDEN EGG !!!A sphere, which houses a cylinder which houses a cone – this is probably the most successful of my materialized designs ever.The idea was born just as a student work, but later it was picked up by my Great Teacher, mr Bruno Tomberg (a deepest bow to him).He made it a prize, which is given to the Designer of the Year in Estonia. Years later it was named the BRUNO-prize.

(Kaido Haagen took this stunningly revealing photo)

Next to the layout for periodicals I started to contribute to their written content. Then I was involved in starting several new publications. Though most of them is already forgotten history that has been a memorable journey.



5 years of high expectations -- ERKI DISAIN 1973-1978 This all started at school - today's Art Academy 

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