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The Museum of Coastal Folk asked me to design this book about the island Aksi. The author of the idea was Külvi Kuusk.The life on that tiny island blossomed for just about 150 years. In only two farmsteads there grew up courageous fishermen and sealhunters, skilled builders of boats and of fine music instruments, also musicians and photographers... Thanks to the latter, the book is filled with authentic visual.The captions are in two languages and the English Summary is written by one of the authors, Tiina Peil.

1) In 1930/31 Count Zeppelin was visiting Tallinn with his ship. As the picture proves, August Luusmann, the photographer from Aksi, has witnessed it.My mother saw it too, while spending a summer holiday at her Grandmother's place, at the farmstead Klaukse. This silent giant was hanging above Tallinn, and it could be watched all over the Viimsi penninsula...2) As you know, the seals are music lovers. This young seal's fate was to live as a pet in seal-hunters' family. While the first radio had been brought to the island, even the seal got the headphones on, to enjoy the "voice from the box".3) With empty fishboxes and happy faces, the girls from Aksi are returning home from Tallinn fish market. The picture is poor, but isn't there a dark silhouette of a warship, shading the iconic skyline of our capital?

Some words to help you to understand these VERY SPECIAL pictures:

I could not resist the temptation to paste here some original pictures >>>






This tiny island near Tallinn is ca 3 km long. 

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