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xmas calender

CALENDAR for your desktop!

Königsberg, the Broken Heart of Preussia(This brutally destroyed town is a secret love of the author who reflects his emotions from his frequent visits during half of the century.)

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The Magical Meals of Muhu -- a cookbook with a touch of art

Estonian Manor Houses: Splendor, Forever LostThe Story of the Interiors of Estonian Manor Houses, the fate of people, furniture, art collections ...

The Oasis of Time in the Gulf of FinlandThe ancient safe port for sailors, home of fishermen and spirit smugglers...

Estonian "FIsh Bible"by Vladislav Korzets --a popular TV face, a fish restoran owner, a humorist, a writer and a friend -- who has spent 3 years to prepare this gigantic book.

Where do Dreams Come From?I had a task to illustrate this supercool fairy tale. Plus a colouring book: Colourful Dreams,_pitskleidid_ja_meremiinid_-_mitmepalgeline_naissaar/1117782 

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